Worship With Us

Children's chorus proclaiming the gospel

In worship, we gather in the presence of God and of one another to be strengthened for following Jesus in our daily lives. We are reminded of God’s promises, sing God’s word with our lips, and are fed at God’s table. In our busy lives, it is an hour to be refocused on who we are and whose we are.

What can I expect at worship?

First of all, you can expect to find friendly people coming together because they genuinely care for each other and want to live lives that make a difference.

We worship every Sunday with two different worship styles. Our early worship service is what some might call “traditional.” The words we speak and sing come out of the Lutheran Book of Worship and the music is led with an organ.  Our later worship services have a worship band that leads hymns from many sources.  We usually call these our “contemporary” services. All services include Holy Communion that is open to all Christians who visit.

What time are your worship services?

You can view our worship times here.