Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School at COS!

This year will be hosting Sunday School via Zoom at 10:45 am each Sunday. On the first weekend of each month you can stop by the east entrance between the glass doors to pick up your activity and craft bags.  If you have any questions or would like to receive more information about our Sunday School Zoom meetings, email Kim at

“Hi friends, Ms. Kim here ready to share some awesome Bible stories with you!  Watch to see what this week’s message is all about!”

Looking for Sunday School lessons?  Click the links below!

November 1st: The Beatitudes 

November 8th: Give Me Oil in My Lamp

November 15th: Parable of the Talents

November 22nd: Sheep and Goats

November 29th: “Thanks Living”


Miss any of our past videos?  Go to our YouTube channel to see all of them!

Sunday School Sings! (from a distance)

As the weather becomes a bit cooler, the trees become more colorful, and all of God’s creation is getting ready…for…(wait for it)…winter!  And, our Sunday School friends and leaders are also getting ready…for…Christmas!  Even Miss Kim’s Christmas cactus knew it is time to bloom now!  Yes, it seems way early to be talking about all of this, to be sure.  God has called us to get ready – for the change in seasons, and to tell the wonderful story of Jesus’ birth – a little differently this year. We hope that you will join us to prepare the very first VIDEO Christmas program at COS this year – contact Miss Kim to let her know you are “ALL IN” for the program!  Watch for more information soon, and join us for (Zoom!) Sunday School, as we keep learning all about Jesus and His love.  Your help will be a precious gift!

Though we still are not yet physically gathering onsite at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, we will keep learning, growing our faith, and lifting our voices and hearts praising God: on Sunday mornings during COS (Zoom!) Sunday School, in Sunday School Newsletter emails, on the church’s website, and everyday, to be ready, as we walk with Jesus!

Thanks for showing us your YAY!, and choosing such special songs for our last Sunday in October! We’ll again sing a new songs the first four weeks of November, and we want to see your sign of YAY! for the songs you choose for the 4th and 5th Sundays – LET’S SING THEM AGAIN! in Zoom Sunday School on Sundays, November 22nd, and 29th.

 God is the One who gives seed to the farmer. And he gives bread for food. And God will give you all the seed you need and make it grow. He will make a great harvest from your goodness.  This service that you do helps the needs of God’s people. It is also bringing more and more thanks to God.  2 Cor. 9:10,12

Songs for November!

November 1st:    If You’re Happy (GO Fish)

November 11th:  Give Me Oil In My Lamp

November 15th:  Give Your Heart to Jesus (Jesus Hokie Pokie)

November 22nd: I Just Wanna Be A Sheep

November 29th:  LET’S SING IT AGAIN! YAY!

Here are some other songs to sing:  Beatitudes RapHe is Exalted I Exalt Thee,  The 10 LepersI Give Thanks

Special Events and Activities

5th Grade Bible Presentation– 5th graders receive their own Bible during a special worship service.

The “Praise Raisers” is our children’s choir. Anyone 4K-6th grade is welcome to join. We practice Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in the chapel and share our musical offering often in worship.

5th & 6th Grade Spring Retreat- students are given the opportunity to attend a weekend retreat at Lutherdale Bible Camp in Elkhorn, WI

Sunday School Leaders Needed!

Sign up today to serve as a Sunday school leader. Leader volunteers work with small groups of children during small group time.

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