Baptism at Christ Our Savior

In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus commands his followers to baptize and make disciples of all people. To be faithful to this call, we celebrate Baptism as a vital expression of God’s promise for life and freedom.

Who Can Be Baptized?

In our tradition, we baptize both infants and adults. We baptize infants with trust in the Holy Spirit to live in and create faith in those who are baptized. We baptize adults who wish to join our congregation and have not been baptized in a Christian church. (If you were baptized in a different Christian tradition, you don’t need to be baptized again. God’s word still counts!)

We understand that God saves us in Christ, beginning in baptism. The emphasis is on God’s actions and God’s promise to us, much as parents love an infant or toddler without the child earning it.

Baptism joins us to the Body of Christ and makes us part of the community of the church. Since parents promise to keep their child active in this community, we ask that at least one parent of the baptized child be a member of our congregation or be in the process of joining. Exceptions would include those who are away at school, in military service, or face other special circumstances.

Baptism Classes

Parents of all child candidates are required to attend a single session pre-baptism seminar. We hold these seminars about four times a year, and they last about 45 minutes. At that time we cover the basic information about baptism and explore any questions you may have.

Adult candidates for baptism should arrange for similar instruction with our pastor.  If you have questions about this, please contact our pastor.


Sponsors and Godparents

Sponsors or Godparents do not need to be Lutherans. They should however be practicing and active members of a Christian church where they live.



All baptisms happen during worship. In order to allow time for the sacrament (and for you to take photos afterwards) all baptisms are scheduled for our 9:15am Sunday worship.

It is important to schedule baptisms well in advance so that we can assure a date that works for you. You can download the Baptism Information Sheet here. You can contact our office by calling 262-246-6537 or by email here.

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