Where can we see the Risen Jesus?

Where do we see the Risen Jesus?  The temptation in our modern world is to look for proof and evidence with 21st century eyes.  The Easter stories were not written for that kind of evidence.

Image of a tomb opening to illustrate blog about the Risen Jesus.We are told there is an empty grave and someone – we don’t know who – saying Jesus is going ahead of you. You will see him there. The deal with loose ends is that we get to tie them up.  Jesus does not complete the story. We get to write our own chapter.  We get to fill in the holes and carry on the story, in our belief and in our living, when we live the way Jesus taught: the path of love, mercy, generosity, forgiveness and peace.

If we want proof the Risen Jesus Lives, we won’t look for it in the tomb.  Jesus is not there. He’s out here.  The living, in-person proof we’re looking for will be in us.  BE THE PROOF JESUS LIVES

Showing that Jesus lives is not just believing things about him.

Belief is where we start.

What comes next is how we choose to live.  Will we live the way Jesus taught?  Will WE be the ones who are carriers of forgiveness?  Will WE be the ones who practice mercy, who feed the hungry, who seek out and aggressively love the least, the lost and the last?

In our time, right now, will WE be the ones who stand up to all the ugly, hateful forms racism takes?  Economic oppression, recently unprovoked violent outbursts on elderly Asian people by strapping big men, in one case while others stood by and just watched! Will WE practice generosity and be peacemakers?  When we trust Jesus and live as he taught, we will see Him.  Right at our side.  With us.  In us.

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