Current Information

June 9th 2021, Senior Pastor Transition

Next week, our church council has a meeting to interview a possible candidate for an Interim Senior Pastor.  We continue to pray that God guides us through this transition and leads us to connect with a candidate who will be able to walk with us through the discerning process of calling a new Senior Pastor.  Our hope is to find an Interim Senior Pastor who will be able to join us by this fall.  We will continue to provide updates as we move through this process together.   

Worship During A Season of Physical Distancing

We are so grateful to hear how much our community shares in both our desire to return to in-person worship, and also our patience in enduring this time of separation.  Our church council and staff are committed to maintaining our connection as a community, while still taking our cues from the advice of public health officials and the medical community around best practices.  

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