What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is the process we use in the Lutheran church to instruct our youth in the basics of faith and move them toward full membership in the church. Since most of our kids are baptized as infants, confirmation is a chance for them to grow as Christians and claim for themselves the promises that were made for them by their parents and Godparents years earlier. That’s why it’s also called “Affirmation of Baptism.”

What’s Confirmation Like?

At Christ Our Savior, our confirmation program runs through 7th and 8th grades and we typically have 50-60 students in class. We use power point, video, games, and even humor as we look at topics such as the Bible, Sacraments, and the Lord’s Prayer.  We aren’t about just making kids memorize facts. We want them to apply faith to their daily lives, so we talk about what the things we learn really mean and why they are still important. We even encourage them to ask tough questions of the pastors.

What Do You Do?

We have two learning events per month at church. Students are assigned to small groups with an adult guide and a high school mentor who lead discussion. Each learning event focuses on one topic from the Bible or Small Catechism (kind of a Lutheran statement of basic beliefs). In addition to the learning events, we have fellowship and service events throughout the year. We include these because, like our mission statement suggests, we believe fellowship, learning, and service are all part of a healthy faith life.  Every summer, we have a servant trip for confirmation students (and 6th graders) at a camp or an urban setting to have more time practicing the three parts of faith.

Confirmation Summer Camp

We eagerly plan to return to Camp Lutherdale in Elkhorn, WI as our summer camp of choice this year!  We encourage all middle school kids 6th-8th grade to attend confirmation camp the week of August 6-11, 2017.  Visit to register online or get more information.  No student should miss this opportunity due to financial need.  Contact Kim at moc.c1524108087lsoc@1524108087mik1524108087 for information about camp scholarships through COS.

Service Projects