Why Memorial Day is Important

For some people Memorial Day has become just another three day weekend.  For others it is an important day.  Memorial Day began as a way to honor those who gave their lives in service to our country.  While we do not observe national holidays in the church, that does not mean Memorial Day is unimportant.  It is very important. As Christians we are called to be good citizens, to support our country and to pray for our leaders.

Memorial Day matters because it leads us to remember the great sacrifice military personnel have made to create and defend the many freedoms we enjoy.  In this nation we have not lived under the tyranny of a totalitarian state, we have the right and privilege to agree or disagree with positions of the government and the party in power, freedom of religion and many other choices.   We have more freedoms than I could list here.  Since freedom is normal for us we don’t notice it.  Freedom is one of those things we only tend to notice when it is threatened or gone.

Freedom is not free. Real freedom comes with a high price.  As we approach Memorial Day, remember those who sacrificed so much to create and defend the freedoms we live with.  Freedom is hard because we are not required to do anything with it. The down side is if we do not use our freedom well, we may as well not be free.  Perhaps one way we can show our gratitude for their sacrifice is to use our freedom well, to promote justice and peace in this world.

Enjoy Memorial Day. Use your freedom well.  Remember those who have sacrificed so much for our nation and the freedoms we enjoy.

Pastor Tom