Empty Tombs or Empty Hearts?

Easter morning people shouted out Christ is Risen!  We heard the story of the Mary and some of Jesus’ disciples going to the tomb to find it empty, and later Mary seeing someone in white telling her Jesus was not there, that he had risen.  We sang hymns proclaiming the joy of God’s victory over death and setting us free.  Then Monday comes and many of us go back to “normal”.   All this leads me to wonder if today we experience an empty tomb or an empty heart.

We are used to having proof and evidence for most things in life so it makes sense that we would apply the same principals of proof to matters of faith.  That is where we can get stuck. Faith can’t be proven, it can only be felt.  If we insist on proof of an empty tomb, we end up with an empty heart.

When our hearts feel empty we often try to fill them by doing more or getting more stuff.  One store now promises to buy back whatever gadget we buy when the next thing comes out.  The pace of life is so fast it can leave us feeling out of breath and forever behind. The result is it can feel like we have lost part of ourselves.  One person told me, “I work so hard to get a life I feel like I don’t have a life”.

Have you lost your life trying to get a life?  What is at the center of your life; an empty tomb or an empty heart?  If we spend our time trying to get the next thing it is easy to start feeling empty inside.  In John 10 Jesus said, “I came to bring you life and to have it abundantly”.  This does not mean God wants us to be rich.  Jesus never promised we would be wealthy or life would be easy but he does promise it will be abundant with meaning and purpose.   It’s a life that comes when we don’t live just for ourselves, but live for the sake of loving others.

Jesus rose from the dead to lead the way to freedom and new life – a life that is not defined by what we have in our wallets or what we drive,  but a life defined by how much we love, how much we share, how much we bring healing and hope.  This is how we participate with God in emptying the tombs of meaninglessness and despair and find our hearts filled with meaning, love and peace that never fails us.

May your tombs be empty and your hearts full!

Pastor Tom